Itinerary: One-Day Public Transportation Route in The Eastern Coast of Asturias

An easy-to-follow public transportation itinerary through the eastern coast of Asturias. With this route you will visit two beautiful fishermen towns, some beaches, and stunning coastal views. AND, you can see all this in just one day!!

IMPORTANT: this public transportation itinerary works Monday-Friday, if you decide to do it on a weekend you might only be able to visit Ribadesella and Llanes due to the bus hours.

Check out my post Everything to Know Before Traveling to Asturias for general information and tips.


Plan Your Trip!!!!

Before starting this awesome day, you MUST verify the bus hours with Google Maps AND the ALSA (the local bus company) website or app as the hours may vary throughout the year. Take note of the hours mentioned in the itinerary and the sites mentioned and plan your day accordingly.
Make sure you arrive to the bust stops/stations 10 minutes earlier, so you don’t miss your bus!

ALSA Bus Oviedo or Gijón to Ribadesella

Oviedo to Ribadesella, 8:45-10:00
Gijón to Ribadesella, 8:15-9:20 (Gijón-Covadonga)
Gijón to Ribadesella, 8:00-9:40 (Gijón-Ribadesella; por A-64)

Ribadesella @ 10:00

A beautiful coastal town, probably one of the most famous one in Asturias. In this town you can have a coffee and breakfast, then I recommend for you to get lost in the little streets, explore the beautiful boutiques, and enjoy the atmosphere.
Fun fact: During the summer, on the first Saturday of August (after the 2nd) celebrated in the area is the Descenso Internacional del Sella or Les Piragües. It is a 20 km kayak/canoe route/race in the Sella river which starts in the town of Arriondas and ends in Ribadesella. This event always includes many local parties in Arriondas when the race begins as well as in Ribadesella when the race ends.

If you didn’t pack lunch here you can buy something to eat later because you will spend lunchtime in nature and the next time you will be in a town is at 16:30.


ALSA bus Ribadesella to Playa de Gulpiyuri @ 12:11

Ribadesella to Naves, 12:11-12:45 (Arriondas (Hosp.)-Llanes)
The bus leaves from the Ribadesella bus station

Coastal Hike @ 12:45

From the bus stop in Naves you can do a short coastal hike that will take you to two beautiful beaches and one of my favorite coastal viewpoints, Castro de las Gaviotas. The route is circular so it will take you back to the Naves bus stop to take your next bus.

Difficulty: moderate
Length: 4.35 km
Time: 1.5 hours

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You will be taking your next bus at 16:13 so make sure you plan your timing well and enjoy the views and beaches!

Playa de Gulpiyuri / Gulpiyuri Beach

One of the coolest, unique, must-visit place in Asturias! Gulpiyuri beach is a flooded sinkhole with an inland beach, so it looks like the beach is coming out of a huge rock. However, don’t expect to be there alone if you are going in the summer.

Playa de Gulpiyuri
Playa de Gulpiyuri

Vista del Castro de las Gaviotas

Castro de las Gaviotas
Castro de las Gaviotas

Playa de la Huelga

Playa de la Huelga
Playa de la Huelga

ALSA Bus Naves to Llanes @ 16:13

Naves to Llanes, 16:13-16:26 (Arriondas (Hosp.)-Panes)

Llanes @ 16:26

This is my favorite summer village in Asturias! From June to September you will find there people from all over Spain who are taking advantage of the great weather and beautiful beaches. The center itself is amazing and the seafood is to die for!
You can have a late lunch here or a plate of seafood with a cold beer 🙂


You have two bus options to return to Oviedo or Gijón, so you can decide how much time you want to spend in Llanes.

ALSA Bus Llanes to Oviedo or Gijón

Llanes to Oviedo, 19:15-20:50 (Oviedo-Llanes; por Autovia)
Llanes to Oviedo, 20:29-21:45

Llanes to Gijón, 19:15-21:25 (take the 19:15 bus above to Oviedo and then at the Oviedo bus station take the 21:00 bus to Gijón)
Llanes to Gijón, 20:29-22:15

Let me know how did you like this public transportation itinerary and what was your experience!

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